It’s not rocket science – Stevenson’s tracks will send you off the rails

It’s not often (nor usually very polite) that you find yourself revelling in the misfortune of those you admire and respect, so when it does happen it should be over something pr-et-ty special.
Such is the glee with which I delight in the repeated romantic misfortune of one Laura Stevenson of Belfast.

A rare and evocative songstress, usually found armed with only a piano and the scars of heartbreak. Simple melody lines riddled with the sort of honesty your nearest and dearest should advise against, Miss Stevenson paints with musical broadstrokes. The resulting work, like, most of the other great wonders of the world, if you stand too close it may not make sense, take a step back and the sheer majesty hits you.

Give her a listen and your ears will love you forever.

(Guest author : Moho [myspace])

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